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Labbaik Travel and Excursions (Labbaik) is a UK-registered tour operator based at Ben Jonson Road, Stepney Green. The English translation of Labbaik literally means 'Here at Your Service', which is reference to the words, or the Talbiya, which Muslim devotees utter aloud when performing Hajj - Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik, Labbaik La Sharika Laka Labbaik. But Labbaik has yet a more mundane yet important value, which is to be in the service of those who come in contact with us when using our services and facilities.

With over a decade's experience in the Hajj and Umrah industry as well as years of experience in providing money transfer and excursion packages. Labbaik endeavours to provide an honest and quality travel service. Hence our motto: 'dedicated to world travel'.

Labbaik originally based at the prestigious London Muslim Centre was officially launched in September 2004 by the renowned Tarawih Imams of the East London Mosque --Shaykh Ahmad Amir of Egypt and Shaykh Yahya Hawwa of Jordan.

We at Labbaik believe in the benefits of partnership work for better delivery of our services. To this end Labbaik works with in partnership with other tour agencies, agents and organisations here and abroad.


We organise comprehensive Hajj and Umrah packages at competitive prices. Our packages can be tailor-made to suit individuals, families and groups. Labbaik can take care of everything from booking your flights and visa to organising suitable accommodation (which range from basic en-suite furnished flats to 5 star hotels), food, guided (ziyara) visits to important Islamic and historical sites and transportation. Importantly, Labbaik provides pre-Hajj and Umrah guidance/training on request so that you can reap the maximum spiritual and educational benefits from our Hajj and Umrah experience.

On request, Labbaik can organise linked (or transit) tours to various world destinations, usually at the end of your Hajj or Umrah trips. Some people prefer a short stay in their respective home countries on their return.

If you are not interested in packaged tours and trips but only want tickets, Labbaik will endeavour to offer you fast and competitive prices on flights to any destination.

To save you the headache of running around to get a visa, Labbaik can organise everything from getting you a visa application form to chasing up the embassy. You will have the visa delivered to you by hand.

Labbaik sends money worldwide primarily through a network of third-party agent. Our service allows people to send and receive money worldwide; we offer a variety of ways to send money at a competitive rate by cash only. We specialise in money transfer to Bangladesh, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Please contact our office for daily rate.


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